Milwaukee and Wisconsin by Jack Kleinman
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Quarry Lake_Panorama-1
Blue Moon-61-October 31, 2020_Master_Master_Master
Port Washington Sunrise
Imbibe-mobile, Milwaukee
Eyelash Queen, Milwaukee
Tough Guy's Mud-piles, Milwaukee
The Catch, Milwaukee
Sunrise Admirer, Milwaukee
Hoops-2, Milwaukee
Hoops, Milwaukee
Introspection, Milwaukee Lakefront
Calatrava, Milwaukee
Calatrava Atrium
MAM & Moon-37-September 02, 2020_Master.jpg
Full Moon & Calatrava
MAM & Moon-47-September 02, 2020.jpg
Moon at Lakefront-31-August 04, 2020_Master.jpg
Moonrise Milwaukee
Moonrise Milwaukee 2
Blue Hour Lake Michigan
Strawberry Moon, Lake Michigan
Abandoned Factory, Milwaukee
Inner Harbor, Milwaukee
Milwaukee River Ice Jam
Milwaukee River Waterfall
Sump, Moss & Clover
Waterfall, Autumn Colors
Aerial Acrobats
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